PACCT II The Big Picture

As the organizer and host of CitiHope’s PACCT program, I offered the following Big Picture perspective on the Global AIDS Pandemic: AIDS as we know it is 25 years old. When I was a pastor in San Francisco in the early 1980’s, we began hearing about a strange new form of cancer among gay males in San Francisco and New York City. The medical establishment called it “GRID” (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency). By 1984, HIV was

PACCT II Workshop Begins

Our second Pastoral and Congregational Care and Training program (PACCT II) begins tomorrow morning, and the ladies are starting to arrive tonight. Upon reception and registration at the Mphatso Motel and Conference Center in downtown Mzuzu, Josie welcomes and gives each one a training packet and a gift bag from CitiHope International. Twenty-eight women are pre-registered for PACCT II representing Presbyterian, Methodist, Assembly of God, Baptist and Roman Catholic churches. They are mostly pastors’ wives,