Arrived in Seoul

After the 14 1/2 hour, 3 meal, 3 movie, completely full flight from JFK on Asiana Airlines, we arrived in Seoul around 3:30am. John Lee, a graduate student at Carniege Mellon, and his friend, met us at the airport and checked us in to our hotel: The La Vie D’or Resort and Country Club. After a brief rest, we had a traditional Korean lunch with Drew alumni and then went to Hypsung University where Rebecca

Easter Sunday Heading East

A blessed and joyful Easter Day to you! It’s after midnight, early Easter morn, and the family is sound asleep. The Easter eggs are dyed and ready to be hidden for the girls to hunt in the backyard, which they still love to do every year, even though they are fully teenagers. Easter Sunday Service at Central Pres promises to be one of great music with the sound of joyful Easter bells in celebration of