Journey to the Heart

Here at Hypsung University in South Korea, I’m lecturing on “The Spirituality of Henri Nouwen” to the seminary and graduate students, and showing film clips from the new documentary on Nouwen called “The Journey to the Heart.” Its the same one being aired this week on many PBS stations in the USA. Check out Chuck Colson’s review of the documentary:’Journey_of_the_Heart’.htm Henri Nouwen has become popular in Korea, and most of his books are now

Arrived in Seoul

After the 14 1/2 hour, 3 meal, 3 movie, completely full flight from JFK on Asiana Airlines, we arrived in Seoul around 3:30am. John Lee, a graduate student at Carniege Mellon, and his friend, met us at the airport and checked us in to our hotel: The La Vie D’or Resort and Country Club. After a brief rest, we had a traditional Korean lunch with Drew alumni and then went to Hypsung University where Rebecca