In preparing for the fourth training event for our Pastoral and Congregational Care Training (PACCT) program, I wrote this little dittie and emailed it to Gabriel, our Country Director: Mobilize the PACCT Committee Assemble all the troops PACCT IV is on the loose! Moira Chimombo is coming as is Dr. C. and his team* Dr. Gaston stands ready with angel Gabriel abeam March 10 is the date! But where shall we meet? How shall we

Visiting Orphans and Prisoners

Today was a sad day for some of our team members who visited a young mother with AIDS who sent her infants with a friend to FOMCO Orphan Care Center for their daily meal. Her small house nearby has only a partial roof with gaping holes where the rain falls down in puddles. And only a dirt floor where she and her two little girls must sleep with a simple blanket. It rained today and