Peace March Objectives

Here’s a note from Dave Kerr, one of the organizers of Sunday’s March for Peace and Solidarity: Again we encourage and give thanks for the support of suburban faith based groups. Our Newark brothers and sisters are battered by violence and addiction and homelessness needing your prayers and mentoring and support. We hope that you will attend this grass roots Solidarity movement on the 30th. We will meet at Newark City Hall on the afternoon

Opportunity for Civic Engagement in Newark

Friends of Shalom: Read the article below from Tuesday’s Star Ledger on the Peace and Solidarity March in Newark this Sunday afternoon, November 30th, in the aftermath of a new wave of street violence in the city and about the need for hope and peace. My family and others from Drew and the burbs will join our friends in Newark in an simple ministry of presence solidarity–to stand and march with those in the city

March for Hope and Peace Rally Budding in Newark

An Invitation to March for Peace and Hope in Newark was issued this week by Dave Kerr, Founder of Integrity House, member of our Newark Interfaith Coalition for Hope and Peace, and one of the organizers of this solidarity event with Newark residents who continue to experience waves of street violence in their city: Michael and group, Thanks to you and Deen Shareef for your able representation at our recent Bridge Breakfast. The following is

“The People have spoken”

My eyes welled up last night and this morning as the national milestone of putting an African American family in a White House built by slave labor. Anyone with a social justice bone in their body, whether they voted for Senator McCain or not, must be over-whelmed with a deeper joy today in seeing the flood of images of jubilation from around the world. “The people have spoken!” said Senator John McCain. “All Americans can

“Spread the Wealth Around”

Stewardship Sermon: “Spread the Wealth Around”(Luke 16:1-13) By Michael J. Christensen If one were to cast a vote on Tuesday based on just one social issue, what would that issue be? The candidate’s position on abortion rights? Homosexuality? War? Immigration, Economics? Interestingly, for Christians, Jesus did not take a pro or con position on abortion, homosexuality, war or immigration. Never addressed these important issues. But he had plenty to say about taxes and riches and