Three Public Prayers for Obama

Bishop Gene Robinson Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest and vocal gay rights leader, opened President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration with a prayer on Sunday’s kick-off event—‘ We are One’ concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Unfortunately, due to technical malfunction—some say political conspiracy—the bishop’s prayer was not broadcast. It was a good prayer, worthy of preservation and reflection. He invoked the “God of our many understandings” and asked that our communal Deity would… •

Witnessing the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama

Yes we did! We not only elected America’s first African American President and watched a Black first family move into a White House built by slaves…but more importantly (and more to the point, I think), we elected a wise, bold, determined, non-anxious, self-differentiated, good and strong Leader. One who not only may be able to rise to the great challenges of this present moment, but also loom large as an effective leader on the global