“I was in prison and you visited me.”

Fr Paul in Uganda sent the following report (and photos) on visiting prisoners at the Mambugu Government prison in Uganda: Last Sunday we visited, prayed and ate with the prisoners in our neighbourhood, numbering 150. It was great to visit our brothers and sisters in the prison and so moving to listen to their stories. Above all they asked for our prayers promising to be renewed in Christ after fulfilling their sentence. It was touching

Raising the Roof in the Rain

We received several email messages from Fr.Paul Bigirwa, head of the Hope Centre Clinic we support in Uganda, regarding progress on ‘raising the roof.’ Our limited funds were received (enough to purchase supplies and start the work). Dear Tom (and Michael): Thanks so much for your messages and support to the Health Centre. We are very grateful for the contribution. The work is in progress (even in the rain). Unfortunately, Julius is down with Malaria,

Rice Distributed to Hope Home

Here is the WorldHope Corps Report from the UMC Church HopeHome program for March 2009: UMC Church building in Mzuzu THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH HOPE HOMES AND HOPE SCHOOLARSHIP FEB – MARCH 2009 [Note: US $1.00 = 139MK Malawi currency] INCOME MK 276,000.00 EXPENDITURES MK 328,551.61 Fees for Exams Food Transport Blankets Bicycle repairs Admin. Costs Medical care Calculators for student Stationery Internet 1. Note that we had MK82 000.00 for blanket, as a gift

Stations of the Cross in West Salem, NC

Thursday in West Salem, NC The Shalom Project, Inc.—a community development initiative of Green Street United Methodist Church in West Salem—was the site I visited today. Eileen Ayuso is the Executive Director of the non-profit, and Rev. Kelly Carpenter is the Pastor of the host church and leader of the shalom team. Together, they gave me a tour of the neighborhood and explained their plans for shalom. Located in West Salem and focused on making