Day Nine: Mission Trip Concludes in Lilongwe

Mission accomplished in Mzuzu! (details to follow when time and access allow. We are now here in Lilongwe, capital of Malawi, safe and sound. We enjoyed a great feast at the 4 star Four Seasons restaurant/resort last night. Really good food, festive setting, koi ponds, gardens, etc to help us process the nine day mission and celebrate our activities and accomplishments, lessons and gifts received from the faithful, loving people of the ‘warm heart of

Day Eight: Hope Crisis Nursery

Stacy, Elaine, Claire and others visited Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery and donated 20 baby blankets. Opened in Mzuzu in 2006 by Ministry of Hope, the crisis nursery provides temporary care for babies born with AIDS or babies who have been abandoned or are in other life threatening situations. With a capacity to care for approximately eight infants, the children are cared for during their crisis period while arrangements are made to place them with

Down Time in Malawi

Visited Nkhata Bay for woodcraft shopping, and Chintheche Inn to have lunch and swim in Lake Malawi. Relaxed and ate at Future Vision lodge and restaurant. Drove through Game Reserve as dusk to see what animals we could. We saw a few impalas and birds, but most memorable were the Tzu Tzu flies that pestered us through the windows (and threatened to bite and give us the dreaded ‘sleeping sickness.’ Last dinner together at Four

Shalom Interns in Malawi for a Month

Claire Colcord and Christian Ciobanu are two of our eight shalom interns from Drew University, and are assigned to Malawi to help the United Methodist Church of Mzuzu start develop a new ShalomZone in the city. I have posted two of their reflections below: Hi colleagues in Shalom from Mzuzu: Africa is both more and less than I expected – the city of Mzuzu is in fact a bustling metro area with downtown shops and

Day Seven: Kamphenda Village Wells

Kamphenda Villages: Most gratifying was our visit to Rumphi in an area called Kamphenda which had been assessed by the Presbyterian Synod Church and Society program to have severe water problem. During the rainy season, water in the streams becomes muddy and contaminated resulting into water borne diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera etc. During dry season, the water table goes deep down which makes it difficult for the villagers to find water table by sinking