Day Five: Visiting Orphans at FOMCO

This morning we visited Friends of Mzuzu Community Organization (FOMCO) to help feed 160 Vulnerable and Orphaned Children (VOC). This is one of the many social institutions supported by CitiHope International which provides nutritious meals to over 10,000 children a day. It was a shocking, disturbing, moving, and at the same time an inspirational and joyful experience to witness how Malawians care for their orphans. Instead of institutional orphanages, they organize and support extended families

The House Blew Down

Pastor Copeland took us out to see the site of a small brick and mud house whose roof was blown down and walls broken and nearly washed away by a rain storm earlier this year. His young parishioner and her sister lived in the house and survived the storm. They are staying in temporary quarters until the house gets repaired, which apparently won’t happen until building materials and labor can be found. Copeland asked if

Esnart’s Children

After the mother died of AIDS last year, team member Bob Robinson felt compelled to sponsor her three children who no longer had a place to stay or means to eat and survive (see story on blog). Bob returned this year to visit Esnart’s children and provide for some of their material needs. They now are living with their grandmother who has received quarterly donations for food, clothing, rent, and medical assistance through Bob’s donations

Success story: Chickens for Education

Rev. and Mrs. Maurice Munthali are founders of HopeHome #1–a ministry household of 15 children (3 of their own and the rest taken in after the death of Maurice’s three brothers and their wives from AIDS). Initial funding was provided by Hopegivers, but after two years, funding for HopeHome #1 was depleted. We heard from Mrs. Munthali of how Josie had given her some money to buy some chickens to raise for meat. How the

St Augustine’s RC Church HIV/AIDS Support Group

Within 1km of the young Mzuzu UMC is the well-established RC Church which, after participating in our PACCT program, now hosts an HIV/AIDS Support Group meeting on its primises. Edwin… who participated in our training as one of three publically HIV positive pastors, is the Chairman of the Group of 105 men and women currently on ARVs. For over an hour our team interacted with 60 or so people living positively with HIV/AIDS. I shared