Many people ask what they can do to make a difference in Malawi. Here is a menu of some of the ways Friends of Mzuzu can support WorldHope Corps’ mission in Malawi: Provide five Singer sewing machines for Dress-making business at UMC $500 Provide 50 chickens for egg and meat micro-business $250 Provide a Hope Scholarships for Malawian youth in HopeHome program $500 Dig another community well in remote village without clean water source $10,000

Elaine’s Reflections

Words cannot express the look of thankfulness in the eyes of an African woman, a child strapped around her back, or a wide-eyed running and grinning child , or the gracious and proud manner of the tribal chiefs as they willing show you the 100 meter deep bore-holed well, which in just one year has saved 300 lives in Magalasi,(meaning “smooth glass), a village of 700 people located in an area known as Kamphenda. As


From the First Presbyterian Church of Pitman, NJ: $536 for Village Well Fund $415 for Orphan Care Program $115 misc checks for Village Well Fund From team members: $800 for 400 Toothpaste for prisoners 400 tooth brushes 400 bars of soap Clare, Elaine, and Helen donated large collection of school supplies (pencils, paper, crayons, books, highlighters, construction paper, colored pencils, sharpeners, chalk, scissors, notebooks, flashcards, and markers) ($300; 9 Calculators – 4 prisoners, 5 to