Hope is on the Way

Already over $500,000 of medicine, supplies, equipment and fresh water have been delivered or are on its way to Haitian earthquake victims. Three more Pilatus flights will occur over the weekend, bringing desperately needed aid to our friends at Jimani Hospital. CitiHope’s disaster response team is working on procuring an X-ray machine to deliver this weekend, as well as enough food, dishes and utensils to feed Jimani’s 800 patients for the coming two weeks. Morphine

Communities of Shalom in Haiti

Friends of Shalom: Last week’s earthquake in Haiti devastated the country.  While emergency relief is on-going, rebuilding communities will take years. Beyond immediate disaster response efforts, Drew University and Communities of Shalom are supporting one particular project related to asset-based community and economic development:  an emerging Shalom Zone already known as Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI). www.haitianartisans.com As recovery efforts continue, support of Haitian mission projects through Drew’s Disaster Response and the United Methodist Advance Fund will be