Since I no longer have a “home church”, I find myself going to a different church each week and lovin’ it. As I ‘shalom’ from coast to coast, I hop around from church to church seeking to have an experience.  I know I should go to church because its the right thing to do, or because I’m committed, or because I’m a churchman…but I go somewhere each week simply to have an experience of God

Remembering Henri Nouwen

  Today–September 21–is Henri’s day.  As I remember my teacher Henri Nouwen on this 15th Anniversary of his death and transition, I am reminded not only of his incredibly significant contribution to the theory and practice of spiritual direction and spiritual formation, but of his conviction that if we befriend our death before we die, our spirit remains accessible to those we leave behind. I reached out today to others who knew Henri in life and remember him in

Five Bells, Five Sites Pilgrimage in New York on 9/11

New York, Sunday, September 11, 2011.  How to observe the 10th Anniversary of 9/11?  Since I’m only an hour from Manhattan, I decided to take a train into the city and join my friend of 40 years, Rev. David Best, former pastor of the Lamb’s and now Director of Towel and Basin ministries, to spent the the day together.  We met for a memorial service at his church–St. Mark’s United Methodist Church–an historically significant,140 year

Not Afraid of Death by Julia Esquivel

In reading your blog, Michael, I immediately think of these two poems is poem by Julia Esquivel, from Guatemala, whom I had the pleasure of meeting years ago.  Un abrazo, Ada Maria I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATHI am no longer afraid of deathI know wellIts dark and cold corridorsLeading to life.I am afraid rather of that lifeWhich does not come out of death,Which cramps our handsAnd slows our march.I am afraid of my fearAnd

Re-imagining 9/ 11 and Befriending Death

Mindful of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist Attack on the US, I offer this ‘guided conversation’ on “Re-imagining September 11th and Befriending Death.”  I shared it first with ministers of shalom gathered at Drew University yesterday for a one-day “report back” session after they had completed their 6-10 week shalom zone assignment this summer.   A Guided Conversation, as employed in Shalom Training, is a tool for reflection and a way to