Results of Pulpit Freedom Sunday

A total of 539 pastors preached prophetically and politically across America on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, October 2.  This represents a 539% growth over 2010, growing from 33 (2008) to 84 (2009) to 100 (2010) to 539 (2011) pastors. These 539 pastors / churches represented: Forty-seven of the 50 states – along with Puerto Rico. Approximately 50 denominations and associations plus non-denominational and independent churches. Sermons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, and other languages. From small

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Glenn Beck interviews two Drew alumni GBTV about Pulpit Freedom Day–Oct 2. For most mainline Protestant churches, today is World Communion Sunday.  For many Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, the first Sunday in October is for blessing animals in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi whose anniversary and Feast Day is this week.  For at least 500 mostly conservative evangelical churches and pastors, today is Pulpit Freedom Sunday   In light of what’s at