Happy Epiphany 2012

We attended Pacific Beach United Methodist Church today which began a six week Season of Epiphany series on Science and Spirituality, including weekly opportunities to “eat with a scientist” in the congregation and discuss with them how they integrate their scientific discoveries and their Christian faith.  Today’s scriptural lesson and sermon was on the Star the Magi studied and followed from Babylon to Bethlehem. (Matt 2:1-12). “In the ancient world scholars believed that there was

A New Years Greetings from Uganda and Malawi

Dearest Friends, The year has been long and challenging, But thanks to GOD 2011 is now history. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks so much for walking along our side. May the Good Lord keep us united on our Journey towards the common good. I wish you PEACE LOVE and JOY in 2012 Yrs in Christ Fr. Paul Bigirwa St George Hope Health Centre Western Uganda http://bigirwa.weebly.com/ HELLO CHILDREN OF GOD,THIS IS A SPECIAL YEAR “TO PRAY”