A Plea to Help Flood Victims, from Pastor Moses of Uganda

Hello friends and Shalomers:  Two nights ago we had heavy rains which turned to floods for six hours.  The disaster caused many people to lose their houses and gardens and their lives. Two of the people who died are a 67 year old woman and her grand daughter of 12 years.   When the water entered her home, it brought down the house and swept everything out. Their bodies were found in Lake Victoria at

Uganda Mission Trip 2015

WorldHope Corps Mission Team and Friends 2014 Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps: I  invite you to join us this year on a mission with Uganda in June, or support our mission there.   Every year since 2005, I’ve led a service trip to Africa.  We go to communities to which we have been invited, to share in mutual ministry and joint projects; and we find that we gain so much more than what we give.  Henri Nouwen