Last Day for Year-End Giving

Dear friends and colleagues, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! And to invite you to become a donor-advisor to a specific WorldHope Corps project next year. Our ministry partner, Northwind Institute, designed a Mission Giving Catalogue to make it easier to give and sponsor a specific WorldHope Corps project. Major Donors (contributing $500 or more) to a particular project will be consulted next year about how

Kakholi Village Has a Deep Water Well for Christmas

Last Christmas, over one hundred school children and their families did not have clean water in the remote cluster of five villages near the school in Kakholi, Malawi, where over 2,000 people live.  Statistically, 1 out of 5 children under 5 in Malawi get deathly sick from water-borne diseases. Many of them die for lack of medication and sanitation.  The lack of clean water in Kakholi caught the attention of WorldHope Corps last year after

Christmas Campaign to end the Year Well

Dear friends, I am so grateful for your support of WorldHope Corps this year. We’ve had a hard year economically, yet managed to do so much good with few resources.  We only raised $70k so far this year toward our 100k annual budget, and had to spend all of our reserve funds to fulfill our program and project commitments. Today begins our Year-End campaign to raise needed funds to end the year without debt, and

Thanksgiving Campaign for WorldHope Corps

I’m happy to report that our Thanksgiving Appeal for projects in Malawi and Uganda was moderately successful, and we are almost there: We needed a sponsor to complete construction of our Water Store in Uganda…We found one and we were able to wire $4,150 in donations to Sustainable Action—our ministry partner in Western Uganda. We needed a sponsor to jump start this year’s Anti-malaria mosquito net distribution during the wet season in rural northern Malawi…. 

Mission 2017 Accomplished

WorldHope Corps Training Team 2017 fulfilled its intended mission earlier this month in Uganda and Malawi, assisting our ministry partners– Communities of Shalom Uganda, Sustainable Action Uganda, and WorldHope Corps Malawi –further their projects and initiatives. –> This was WorldHope Corp’s 10th Annual Mission Trip since 2007! This year’s international training team was experienced, gifted and motivated: Rev. Michele Robbins (pastor of Orinda UMC, in CA), Dr. Doug Smith (retired professor of computer science and