Water Buckets for for washing hands Needed in Malawi

“Sadly, I do think most deaths will be in those countries (Africa, Asia and South America), and the most extreme economic pain…” — Bill Gates on PBS News Hour, April 7, 2020 EASTER 2020: We’re all coping the best we can during this Easter season of hopeful-struggle in the face of the Global pandemic by the name of Covid-19.   “Brace yourselves,” I say to our international ministry partners,“ as new cases in their countries surface and testing begins. How

The Kendrick Well for Pentecost

–> THE KENDRICK WELL Donija Village, Malawi June 2019 Donor Report submitted by Dennis Singini, Director, WorldHope Corps Malawi with Michael Christensen, Director of WorldHope Corps, Inc.  June 18, 2019 The Donija Village Area in northern Malawi has never had safe water, and they had to drink water from streams where domestic and wild animals used to quench their thirst too.  Many children under the age of five died each year from water-borne diseases.  On 25th

“Papa’s Well” is done! Before Christmas!

 Isn’t this amazing and gratifying?  “Papa’s Well”–the new well in Zebedia Village opened today! Children are celebrating clean water. Pastor Dennis Singini did a great job of project management. “What a Christmas Gift to this community,” Dennis reports.  The final sponsor’s plate is not yet a fixed to the pump, but an inscription was done by the Village Chief in the cement base after the well was drilled and a Goat as a gift given

Drilling “Papa’s Well” this week in Zepedia

“Papa’s Well” is being drilled this week in Zebedia Village in Northern Malawi. WHC Village Well Number 69 since 2007 Location: Zebedia Village Population: Five villages,2,790 people Name of Village Well: “Papa’s Well” Sponsor: An American who wants to remain anonymous Notation: The scripture verse the sponsoring family selected for this well is Jeremiah 29:11.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

New Pump Provided for Water Store at Katikara Trading Centre

We all did it!  The local community in Katikara raised $500 among among themselves, and others in the USA contributed over $2,000 this month to replace the water pump and generator at our Water Store at the Katikara Trading Centre in Western Uganda. Thank you, thank you all! Here’s a short note from Br. Julius yesterday. Photos to follow:  Greetings and best regards to you.  The Lord is good all the time. Dr. Michael you’re DIVINE. I