WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. SMALL LOAN PROJECT Many Malawian women are housewives; many are not educated. Some left school when they were in primary school and got married at 16 or 18 years old. Such women depend on their husbands to bring home food and support. However, this tradition brings many family challenges, like domestic violence and discrimination because many men take advantage of the status of the women. WorldHope Corps Malawi has engaged in fighting

COVID Care Kits being distributed in Malawi

COVID Care Kits 2020 MALAWI PLAGUE THREAT–COVID 19 ACTIVITY REPORT for June 2020 Dennis Singini mobilizing for house to house distribution of water buckets and hand washing soap Malawi like any other nation is not spared from COVID 19 pandemic. Since March this year, many people have been screened and some were tested positive to the pandemic. The main challenge in Malawi is the environment on the ground that has made many people to take the

COVID CARE in Malawi Update

Thank you friends for supporting our May campaign to supply COVID Care kits to hundreds of families in Malawi and Uganda under lockdown during the COVID crisis, unable to work, buy food, and find sanitization supplies. We wired $4,000 to our partners on the front lines, and pray that the corona virus cases are contained and people are protected.  Already soap, sanitizers and wash buckets have been distributed to families in several villages and the