Good News today!

WorldHope Corps, Inc., committed itself to support 60 orphans and abandoned children affected by AIDS in Malawi on a monthly bases. Through a grant of $10,000 from the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, and with the help of many friends of Malawi who will continue to contribute to the need, we can send $1,000/month to the HopeHome program of Mzuzu Circuit United Methodist Church in Mzuzu, Malawi, which is caring for 60+ children.

What follows is the email I received today from Rev. Copeland Nkhata, the church’s pastor and HopeHome program director:

Dearest Brother,

I happily got your email and express my deep-seated gratitude for both the financial aid and the advice to limit the number of orphaned and vulnerable children we care for to 60 for adequate funding.

I went to check the account and the funds have come in MK206000.00 ($1500). The [HopeHome] program will resume in October as you had indicated.

The past 2 weeks I was down with flu and sneezing making my work speed low and I have started recovering. There is too much dust in Malawi as it is very dry and hot now.

My regards and love to you and Stacy and the all the rest who help us. Assure Bob that I will soon deliver the food to Esnat’s children. We love you and do thank you for standing on our side. We thank God for making you available during our hard times. Your reward is great in heaven.

Greet all sweet friends and your family.


WorldHope Corps is pleased to join CitiHope International and Hopegivers International in helping to fund the HopeHome program in Malawi.