Hello friends and Shalomers: 

Two nights ago we had heavy rains which turned to floods for six hours.  The disaster caused many people to lose their houses and gardens and their lives. Two of the people who died are a 67 year old woman and her grand daughter of 12 years.   When the water entered her home, it brought down the house and swept everything out. Their bodies were
found in Lake Victoria at the source of the Nile.

In the spirit of
shalom we are raising funds to help the affected families. We call upon
Shalomers wherever you are to join us in this situation.Though these people
were affected directly, we all are affected

Pastor Baamu Moses

Director of Shalom Uganda ,Africa .

P.S.  Emergency funds for flood victims may be channeled through http://WorldHopeCorp.org  

Dear Baamu Moses,

We at Thanksgiving Coffee pray for the safety and health of those who are
left to make the situation better.

I have
informed Willington at Gumutindo Cooperative and Henry at the Coffee Board of
Uganda of the troubles in your neighborhood.

We need a
description of the situation as it is now after all the damage has been
assessed. Our prayers go out to those who grieve their losses.

Katzeff, Founder

Dear Baamu,  my seminary, Pacific
School of Religion, will be taking a love offering in Chapel in early May for
your community that has suffered from flooding. I will send whatever funds are
collected through Michael and WorldHope Corp. I pray you are surrounded with
support through this difficult time.


Michele Robbins

Yes, Pastor Moses, I have
also seen the photos. I am so sorry to hear about this situation. I will join
in with Dr. Christensen’s love offering.  
May our great and
mighty God comfort and console you and your community at this very difficult


Gaius Charles