Johannesburg. 17+ hours in flight from JFK via Dakar. Lost a day in the air. Finally arriving in Johannesburg. After checking into the TownCentre Airport Hotel for our overnight stay, we all went to dinner at a fabulous resturant where the waitress promised us “phenomenal” food which in fact it was. The fish dishes were the best, but those who ordered beef said it too was to die for. Great recommendation from our hotel and we made the right choice. I knew it would be the last good meal I would eat for a week.

Up in the middle of night–3pm–can’t sleep. Jetlag? Didn’t sleep much on the flight either. I’m dead tired. International travel is not as easy for me as it used to be. This is my 4th trip to Africa, so I know what all the good to expect. Just wish my body had more energy. Still coughing and struggling with this dam cold that won’t go away, even after 6 weeks.

Tomorrow we fly to Lilongwe, capital of Malawi, on a short 2.5 hour flight, and then another 5 hour bus ride to our mission destination: Mzuzu City and surrounding villages where CitiHope is involved in food and medical aid, well-digging and AIDS training.