What follows is a monthly report from Copeland Nkhata, pastor of the Mzuzu UMC congregation and program director of our Orphan Care program in Malawi.

Be sure to read his appeal for blankets for the kids, and his proposal to take the cost out of the food budget in July. If we raise additional funds–approx $600–we can supply blankets for 80+ vulnerable children and the center would not have to use food money.

Unlike here in the USA, its cold at night in July in Malawi. Blankets are needed in the Center. Shipping costs are too high to find blankets here to ship over. We need to wire funds for local purchase of what is needed. Please let me know if you would like to help by emailing me at mchriste@drew.edu

Dear Rev Michael,

Thanks for all the help. The Hope Homes and Hope Scholarship Program is growing as you can testify of what you saw on 9th March. We have gratitude for you are making a difference in our community especially among the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

We wish to ask for your advice over the issue of blankets for the OVC seeing that the cold season afflicts the children in a dreadful way. If it would find approval in you, we suggest that instead of supplying corn in June or July, we may buy blankets for them so as to shield them from the cold Mzuzu weather. Mzuzu is particularly cold and without good coverings one is in a mess. We had one of the best picnics and our children enjoyed both learning and play.


I am 12 years old. My mother passed away in 2002. I am in Grade in 7 and I am part of the UMC Hope Child protection project. I am HIV+ and the condition was very bad when I tested positive in the year 2006. Through the food support I receive from the project, my health has improved and my CD count has gone up. My mass has increased tremendously. My school work is so good. For 3 years now I always get position one at school. I thank God for this help.


I am 9 years old and I attended standard 6. My father abandoned me at birth and I have never seen him. I have been raised by my grandpa. In 2006 my grandfather brought me to UMC Hope Homes programme where I have received food provisions and my health has improved. It has been very helpful for me to obtain food when resources were not otherwise available. I thank God. My school work has been easy through this support and I often score Position one and I am proud to be part of this Programme.


Iam 12 years old. My father and mother passed away when I was one year old. I have been brought up by my grandma. Life has been hard. Food was one of the most critical problems till when UMC Hope Homes started supporting me with food. I thank God for two things: the Hope Homes have bought me food, a blanket and clothes. I really find this programme useful for my life.


I am a young man aged 16 and have duly completed my training in Certificate in Financial Accounting. I am a very opportunity and blessed orphan who having lost my father 10 years ago through HIV/AIDS scourge had little means to go on with school till the UMC Hope Scholarship offered me a place at college for training. I am now very happy and sure that my future will ripen into success. I thank God for connecting me into this opportunity through the church.


I am an orphan aged 12 and lost both parents at birth through HIV/AIDS. I have been reared by my granny. I have been vulnerable all through but in 2007 the UMC Hope Homes started taking care of me. The church has bought me food monthly and last year in June they bought me a blanket to protect me from the cold weather. I feel good and happy for the Lord has visited me with His mercy.





Received 139 000.00
Transport 14 370.00
Communication 2 115.00
Food 75325.00
Picnic 20 000.00
Books 12 920.00
Fees 11 000.00

Stationery- pens 75.00
Medical care 2 350.00
Sundry expenses 800.00
Balance c/d 45.00
Total 139 000.00 139 000.00