I enjoyed Bono’s Op Ed piece in the New York Times today. 

Rebranding America  By BONO

In it he affirms the President for being selected for the Nobel Peace Prize, and praises America as potentially the world’s leading partner in eliminating the three greatest threats to the global village: 1) EXTREME POVERTY, 2) EXTREME IDEOLOGY AND 3) EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE.

As an Irishman, he calls for America to “rebrand, restart reboot” to fulfill the promises made in the year 2000 when the USA and other countries adopted the Millennium Goals. 

See  United Nations Millennium Development Goals

President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in part, according to Bono, because he’s working to fulfill that pledge. 

Its a short article well worth the read:

Rebranding America  By BONO

There are many great links to Bono’s Christian and humanitarian witness:

Here is a clip of Bono speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2006.


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