I’m happy to report that
our Thanksgiving Appeal for projects in Malawi and Uganda was moderately
successful, and we are almost there:

We needed a sponsor to
complete construction of our Water Store in Uganda…We found one and we were
able to wire $4,150 in donations to Sustainable Action—our ministry partner in Western

We needed a sponsor to
jump start this year’s Anti-malaria mosquito net distribution during the wet
season in rural northern Malawi….  United
Methodists in South Carolina took up an offering and we were able to wire the
first $3,000 to WorldHope Corps Malawi to buy high quality bed nets.  

need another $6,000 this month to fully fund the distribution and training
You can donate directly to www.WorldHopecorps.org  Please help us with a year-end gift of any amount. 

How others are helping: 

One member of WorldHope
Corps raised over $600 by using E-Bay Auction for charitable giving.https://www.facebook.com/gaiuscharles/videos/1602044506540530/

Another member, Rev.
Michele Robbins, is launching a music resource website to raise funds for
Women’s Empowerment in Uganda and Malawi.

Yet another member helped
us register as a charity onsmile.amazon.comso that those who buy on Amazon can benefit WorldHope Corps at the same
time. IfShop Online and select WorldHope Corpsas
your designated charity on Amazon, and the company will donate
0.5% of the price of purchases directly to WorldHope Corps.  Here’s a direct link:https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0213672

For the first time, we launched an online Thanksgiving campaign on FaceBook to raise funds for village wells.  Facebook Friends of WorldHope Corps contributed $1,075 over Thanksgiving weekend. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=worldhope%20corps

Our partner, Northwind Institute, designed a Mission Giving Catalogue to make it easier to sponsor a specific WorldHope Corps project.  Take a look and select a project to support in 2018. https://www.northwindinstitute.org/worldhopecorps

I beg you, dear friends and colleagues, not to forget the poor this season; and I invite you to increase your support of WorldHope Corps before the end of the year—just a little if you can!  

To summarize,
here are four good ways to support WorldHope
this Christmas season:

Donate online: www.WorldHopecorps.org 

Sponsor a
Specific Project:https://www.northwindinstitute.org/worldhopecorps

Shop Online:https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0213672

Send a check to WorldHope Corps, PO Box 7688,
San Diego, CA. 92167

Thank you so much!

Michael J. Christensen, Founding Director

WorldHope Corps, Inc.