Minister Annie Allen, Program Associate and Coordinator of Training for Communities of Shalom at Drew, asked the Occupy Wall Street protest crowd to hold hands and pray this prayer together: 

There is Power in Prayer

Let us hold hands, touch 


Let us Pray all Together

Holy, Gracious, Loving God

You want Justice for your people

We want Justice for your people

Holy God you act though your children

We are your Children

Rain your spirit into this place

Lord Rain your spirit into our souls

Your Spirit is blowing – Hallelujah!

Lord, we need your justice and your peace.

Please Raise the Lowly and bring down the mighty

As you love us – Let us love one another

As you provide for us – let us provide for one another

We pray for all who are suffering

We ask for your patience, wisdom and strength

Help us create your kingdom on earth

Thank you God, for loving us

Thank you God, for being with us

And the Church says…

Amen. Amen. Amen!

Rev. Christensen and Rev. Eric Jackson help form the circle of prayer