Rev. Copeland Nkata, pastor of Mzuzu Methodist Church and circuit, sends the following September Report on his HomeHome for 60+ Orphaned and Vulunerable Children (OVC) in Malawi:

Dear Dr. Michael,

Greetings of grace from the embassy of Christ at Mzuzu UMC in the office of Hope Homes and Hope Scholarships.

The Angel Gabriel remitted to us MK138410.00 equivalent to US$1000.00 for September 2007, which we have spent on the following expenses: food, children’s picnic, pictures, transportation for maize, deliveries to UMC branches where orphaned and abandoned children are cared for, transportation to schools, medical help (malaria), school fees, and administrative costs.

This time we had a more wonderful and awesome picnic with 60 children in attendance, their faces beaming with joy and hope. To add more flavor we had 22 foster parents in attendance. We meant to engage them in prayer as a key factor to working out the future of the OVC. We woo them to Christ by this grand fellowship. Please continue to be part of us in prayer and financial succour. The results of your labours will surely come out in an awesome fashion at God’s own time as he works out the future of the vulnerable social group through your generosity.

We have taken note of the need to reserve the residual funds for the borehole. It’s done. The drillers say that they can still drill in January despite difficulties in traveling. And in March, when you come, you can see the work.

We all heartily thank you for this excellent assistance before God.

Copeland Darlison Leaster
( Pastor) (Treasurer) (Administrator)