Friends of Shalom:

Last week’s earthquake in Haiti devastated the country.  While emergency relief is on-going, rebuilding communities will take years.

Beyond immediate disaster response efforts, Drew University and Communities of Shalom are supporting one particular project related to asset-based community and economic development:  an emerging Shalom Zone already known as Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI).

As recovery efforts continue, support of Haitian mission projects through Drew’s Disaster Response and the United Methodist Advance Fund will be crucial.

Haitian Artisans for Peace International is one of 12 Advance projects related to the United Methodist Church directly related to health care, housing, and hunger alleviation.  Human and financial support of these efforts will be a substantial part of rebuilding Haiti.

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I urge you to support HAPI through The Advance Fund (where 100% of your dollars contributed go directly to the designated mission project): Information:  Haitian Artisans for Peace International

Securing health, education, and hope through economic opportunities to build a community of peace

Advance # : 3020490

Location: Haiti

Living in a community of peace is the ultimate vision for HAPI. For the HAPI artisans, peace means living without daily fear. Their mission is securing health, education, dignity and hope through economic opportunities… for their purpose of providing for basic needs such as food, healthcare and education…to enhance spiritual and civic growth…and to expand the creative abilities that God has given to all. Outcomes of achieving HAPIs vision, mission and purpose will be to raise the sense of self-worth of all partners and to increase the respect given within the artisans homes and communities….build awareness and support from communities in the US….provide a viable alternative to emigration from their rural community to other areas.

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