Thank you friends for supporting our May campaign to supply COVID Care kits to hundreds of families in Malawi and Uganda under lockdown during the COVID crisis, unable to work, buy food, and find sanitization supplies.

We wired $4,000 to our partners on the front lines, and pray that the corona virus cases are contained and people are protected.  Already soap, sanitizers and wash buckets have been distributed to families in several villages and the people are grateful and no longer feeling powerless.  However, our efforts are not without serious challenges:

There are protests and social unrest in Malawi (just as there is in the USA and around the world) making travel and community work risky and somewhat dangerous.

Police sometimes suspect that our efforts to distribute COVID Care kits are political motivated and our actions are monitored and sometimes discouraged.

Many people in the villages are afraid to wear face masks, believing the rumors that the masks are already contaminated with the Corona virus.

We don’t have enough money to buy more wash buckets and sanitation supplies to meet the community demand.

Please continue to help out if you can.  Donate online on this website or send a contribution of $20, $50,  $100 or more to

WorldHope Corps

P.O. Box 6241

San Diego, CA 92166

Thank you so much for remembering those less fortunate than ourselves in these most trying times when everything is changing….

Michael J. Christensen, Director

WorldHope Corps, Inc.