A big MULI ULI to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re living, we’re exausted mentally and physically but

it’s AWESOME, amazing, lifechanging, everything. We know we’ll never be the


So, basically in a nutshell, we’ve been mobbed by little orphans in

villages, treated completely as a celebrity!!! (everyone has to touch us feel us, they’ve never seen white people before) they hang on to the

bus. WE DRIVE A RAINBOW BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trinity and Monique are both the coolest people in the world. our whole team mocks us. Yesterday on our drive to LAKE MALARIA we saw a monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and screamed. the power only went out once for ten minutes. the bathroom flooded but whatever. that happens on band trips. the food, in my opinion is pretty fab, but kris would disagree. all the orphans laugh at me and kris; they ask us to say things and laugh. oh, and you take the picture, show them and they SCREAM.

I’ve been pursued by two african orphans. One was after we played soccer with orphan boys our age. which by the way, kris and i were on defense and well, i

did block one goal with my butt. there was a group of about 3 that just laughed and pointed and mocked me and kris the entire time. yep. orphans in Malawi making fun of us.

okay so after soccer this kid was like my friend wants to talk to you. then his friend lingered over and well, yep. Wanted to be my penpal. etc. then today at this other thing. we were doing an icebreaker and we had to throw the ball and ask questions and he threw it to me and asked me if i was single. i’m a hit, what can i say.

Basically, we are doing SO MUCH and saving SO many lives, I can’t even tell you. i even danced with a woman from the village today while they sang us goodbye, well sort of danced. the singing is incredible, it’s like. i d’nt even know. drums, clapping, swaying, dancing, everything you can imagine. and so many images, so many kids with blauld spots on their heads because they’re malnourished. so many kids with sunken eyes because they have aids. ringworm, everything. and we are feeding them, one meal a day. it’s overwhelming. my heart hurts.

OH and YESTERDAY we went in LAKE MALARIA!!!! and for your information, WE ARE ALIVE and i HAVENT GOTTEN BITTEN ONCE! though last night i accidently rinsed my

mouth after brushing my teeth with the water and SPAZZED OUT. the mosquito

nets are amazing by the way.

The scenery is BEAUTIFUL. not like you would expect at all. mountains, valleys, GREEN, wild boars. big spiders. you know. But it’s just, the air is different here. it’s just.

We miss you all. and with the time difference we are always thinking HAHA

they’re in school. and we’re standing in a circle holding hands with orphans jumping and chanting in tumbuka. and saving the world.

i can’t think of what else to say because there is too much.

Well, it’s ten to 8 here and we’re sitting at the center. tomorrow we

go to TWO church services which will no doubt be AMAZING and then we play with more orphans and hang out with some “youts” as they call them.

so a HUGE hug, a big muli uli, thinking about you all, forward this on to peopleeeee. SEE YOU ON FRIDAY.