Dennis Singini arrived at JFK this week to begin his USA Tour with WorldHope Corps, hosted for the first day by Dr. Caroline Njuki, board member of WorldHope Corps, Inc.

“We had our briefing and Dennis shared stories about his work,” Caroline posted. “I shared with him donor trends and fund-raising tips, and will help him all I can.”  

“It was worthy time spending and touring New York city,” Dennis replied.  “It made me realise I am really IN the USA. Many thanks to Dr. Caroline!  Am now back from a music festival with [WorldHope Corps volunteer] Stacy Radmore.  It was wonderful to enjoy the music, tasting different foods and meeting other friends. Thanks to Stacy for taking me there. I appreciate all her generosity.”

Dennis posted on his FB page many great and fun pics of his tour of the “Big Apple” and Northern NJ.  It was great to host Dennis,” said Caroline We got a lot done including his update on the work being done back home and my suggestions on what he should not forget to touch on during his tour, as well as partner expectations. He is a wonderful Ambassador for WorldPeace Corps.

Thank you all so much for your contribution to the success of Dennis’s trip. Shalom,  Caroline Njuki