From the First Presbyterian Church of Pitman, NJ:
$536 for Village Well Fund
$415 for Orphan Care Program
$115 misc checks for Village Well Fund

From team members: $800 for
400 Toothpaste for prisoners
400 tooth brushes
400 bars of soap

Clare, Elaine, and Helen donated large collection of school supplies (pencils, paper, crayons, books, highlighters, construction paper, colored pencils, sharpeners, chalk, scissors, notebooks, flashcards, and markers) ($300; 9 Calculators – 4 prisoners, 5 to HopeHome children) ($95), and 11 soccer balls with pumps ($55).

Handed out over 250 greeting cards made by American children
Handed out small toys (plastic balls, harmonicas, balloons, bubbles = $50)
Handed out 25lbs of chocolate candies (approximately $150-$200)
Donated 20 hand-made baby blankets to Ministry of Hope (approximately $200-250)
Donated 10 sets of stationery paper to various churches ($50)
Donated 26 hygiene/make-up kits x $10 = $260
Donated over-the-counter medical supplies to Zowe ($100)
14 Blankets x $17/per = $238

Gifts to individuals/hosts/staff: $400
– 3 Ministry Robes
– 3 Books
– 2 “Oxford 2nd Presbyterian Aprons ($30) to Tandy Munthali & Jane Nkhata

– $50 from Stacy Radmore to Ribia Phelps from HopeHomes (sponsored by Sarah Harrington) to purchase new clothing for school

MC donated IBM Notebook computer to Pastor Copeland of the UMC ($300)
Sarah Harrington donated new, high quality, digital camera to Pastor Copeland of the UMC ($125)

Stacy Radmore donated a lap-top battery ($138.00) and two 1-gig lap-top memory chips ($80) to CitiHope International Malawi (TTL $218)

Elaine donated $205 for Hope Scholarship for Dorcas Tabita Mkandawire, daughter of Steven, at Ekwendeni Girls School. Her rank is 7/68 with a strong B average.

Total donations including Gifts-in-Kind: $4,762