Words cannot express the look of thankfulness in the eyes of an African woman, a child strapped around her back, or a wide-eyed running and grinning child , or the gracious and proud manner of the tribal chiefs as they willing show you the 100 meter deep bore-holed well, which in just one year has saved 300 lives in Magalasi,(meaning “smooth glass), a village of 700 people located in an area known as Kamphenda.

As we visited 2 other wells in this same area, the second being Sinjiliheni,(1100 people), and Bululuji the home of 1100, the emotion of hope filled my soul and a smile crossed my heart as each time people living in extreme poverty were so grateful for the gift of cool, disease free, drinking water from a bore-hole commissioned well.

Each village presented an unique characteristic of its people. Magalasi presented a woman as one of their chiefs! This was a never-before experience for all, especially for Dr. Christensen. Sinjiliheni, with its beautifully well kept gardens, through the use of its well had formed a monetary business, a Co-op, by growing mustard not only for their own consumption, but selling it with the proceeds labeled for well repair! Bululuji, in gratitude to Dr. Christensen, presented a program of ceremonial dance and a play showing equal rights for all including an orphan who wished to attend school. I shall never forget the respect I felt for 6 tribal chiefs as they watched with pride their people giving us thanks for a bore-holed well!

As I accompanied Community Development Organizer, Charles Luhanga, I gained even more knowledge about the commonalty of all people desiring the above basic human right, clean potable water. Through the efforts of their Village Chiefs, their Community Base Educators(CBE’s), and the efforts of Church and Society ,people of Camphenda brought their request of clean water to Mr. Luhanga.

With God’s help and through Christ’s example in serving “the least of these”, monies will be donated to Worldhope Corps to construct another bore-hole commissioned well for each of these villages in Campphenda, I pray that it may be so.