Friends of Malawi:

We have all been warmed by fires we did not build, ate food from tables we did not prepare, and benefited from wealth we did not create.  And so we find ways to give back some of what has graciously been given to us (even in a global recession and time of uncertainty).  


Many of you supported orphans and vulnerable children and youth this year through WorldHope Corp’s HopeHomes program in Mzuzu.  Others of you provided a Hope Scholarship for a kid to stay in school, sponsored a young woman at the Hope Tailoring School, or contributed to our Village Well initiative to supply villagers with clean water in rural northern Malawi. THANK YOU!

Together, this year, we fed, clothed and supported over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, educated 26 youth who otherwise could not complete High School, graduated the first class and trained a second class of young seamstresses at Hope Tailoring School, and put in three more village wells (for a total of 13) providing safe drinking water to over 10,000 people in remote areas.  

This year we also were able to provide emergency food, tarps, tents, supplies, and medical relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

A detailed Annual Report is forthcoming, but I wanted to send this summary thank you letter to you now; and invite you to make one more gift before year-end in support of special projects and precious lives in Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Belarus, Haiti and other places where WorldHope Corps has projects. 

Mission updates can be viewed on my blog:

The two most urgent needs I hope you will consider funding are these: 

1.  Sponsor a youth to stay in secondary school next Semester.  This year 26 kids qualified and received a Hope Scholarship, but we don’t have enough funds to cover them for Spring Semester 2011.  Without our help with school fees and supplies they can’t stay in school.  With our help they can complete their education and contribute to the common good.  $250 per semester is all it takes!

2.  Support a young woman who is motivated to become a professional seamstress.  We have enough Singer sewing machines and room for 12 more.  All it takes is $100 to sponsor a member of the third class at Hope Tailoring School.


To make a charitable contribution of any amount, you can use PayPal at our website  

or write a check payable to WorldHope Corps and send directly to

WorldHope Corps

11 Ardsleigh Drive

Madison, NJ 07940

An official donor receipt for all funds contributed in 2010 will be sent to donors in January.  In the meantime, remember that Advent means a new beginning, not only for those we seek to help in Africa and Haiti, but for our vulnerable lives in places where we live as well. 

In behalf of the One who is our Hope,

Michael J. Christensen, Founder