Here’s a brief update on the Osborne mission team activities this week:

Yesterday, team A received sewing lessons at Katawa CCAP; it was a wonderful moment. The team donated a sewing machine and the women were very excited. Threads, fabric, elastic, and school materials were donated to the church at Katawa, which offers Day Care, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools?

Today we are winding up the activities in Mzuzu by spreading the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the streets of Mzuzu. Tomorrow we will be heading for Rumphi Kasasa Community Based Care Center and Rumphi District Hospital to cheer up the sick.

Team B started painting the Cook Guest House, and Team A was at Kanjika Club for people living with disabilities and at Viyele CCAP visiting the elders feeding program.

This is just a glimpse of what the teams are doing in Malawi. I should say that is it a blessing to have the entire OBC Team here with us. As you know that it becomes difficult for us to have time to sit behind a computer and check the e-mails when we have visitors. By all means we are doing what we can.

Gabriel Wesley, Country Director