On Thursday the ministry team (A) visited Kutemwa Orphan Care Center in the morning and Mzuzu Central Hospital in the afternoon. Dolls and toys were given to children in pediatrician ward. But before we went to Pediatrician wards, we visited the nutrition department which is involved in making soy flour and is being given to children and other people who are on ARV treatment. The soya is mixed with corn, ground nuts and beans to make it tastier. Cooking oil is also added to the soya flour for increased ingredients.

The construction team (B)has been very busy, and the local people are very excited and encouraged to see whites getting involved in construction. It is challenging to see a person like Ricky Bates working so hard on construction. At FOMCO Orphan Care center, the foundation is being raised up.

At Mzuzu Baptist Church, the hard flooring has been completed and now the smooth course is in progress.

At Mzuzu Central Prison, a soccer ball was donated and Rob shared the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yesterday, some members from the skills team decided to join construction team and help them by carrying bricks to the rightful place. Ricky and Rob in collaboration
with Ryan and Chad are doing a marvelous job. The arrival of Wendy Robbins and Linda Knight have strengthened both teams.

Many donations have been made by both teams, like carpentry tools, soccer balls, basket ball, basket ball ring, volley balls, base ball kit and others. It is such a wonderful and good time for the FOMCO orphans.

The music done by the teams is so inspiring and touching the soul. “Open the eyes of my heart Lord” is one of many outstanding songs.