Hope Scholarship House under construction in February 2012

Friends of WorldHope Corps:

I am pleased to report that WE DID IT!   Friends of our mission in Mzuzu, Malawi, contributed more than the $2,500 needed to complete the Hope Scholarship House building project and more!   We thank God and all you who contributed to the Hope House Fund, especially:  Rev. Paul Gasque and the United Methodist Women of the  Latta UMC; John Lang and his friends; John MacDougall of JMC Development, Inc.; and Stephen Hobbs.  

The one piece of bad news, according to program director Copeland Nkhata, is “an ugly experience at the House as thugs cut off the inlet pipe of the overhead tank. We had to repair it yesterday and the police were brought in for investigations. Its so sad. But we have made tremendous progress on the house. Will send you a new photo soon.”

We broke ground on the project last year in May when I was last there, after receiving generous donations from World Childrens Fund and Helen Ford to finance the purchase of land and the building project.   

We now anticipate the Hope Scholarship House to be completed and ready for opening by Easter! 

God is good, and more than a dozen smart and worthy youth in Mzuzu will be able to stay or return to Secondary School because of the revenue generated from this very fine ministry house. 

Thank you all again!