Good Morning from the warm heart of Africa!

Yesterday was a great day. Our first visits were at the inspiring orphan care centers where we deliver food. We were treated to a few songs by their volunteers and then we served the food. They have one week’s left there and at the second orphanage, they ran out a month ago. Thank God the container is on it’s way! As Dr. Christensen began to speak with the children and minister to them – I took a tour of their carpentry shop and sowing area. They make coffins for children there to raise money to help cover expenses. I told her how moved I was that they made coffins for children they couldn’t save to raise funds for the ones they will save. Then I decided to teach them the song “Rise and shine” and played the same game I do with our Sunday school children – it was a big hit. We also visited St. Johns hospital where we saw our medicine in storage and they expressed deep gratitude for all we have given. Again, tremendous thanks was given for the FFP food as well because without it, the ARV’s they give AIDS patients would have “no effect”. The head doctor told us “without good nutrition and added fat, all the ARV’s in the world have no value to us” – it was profound and it verified what Dr. Joseph Yu had told us earlier in the day. Ratindine was still in use in the hospital – he told us there was no way they could have afforded it outside of CitiHope. Well, I have to jet – breakfast is calling me from out “summer hut.”