Many have asked how WorldHope Corps is responding to the crisis in Haiti.   We joined CitiHope International as a partner in delivering medical aid to Le Bon Samaritan Hospital in Jimani, Dominican Republic, just across the border from Haiti, that is ramping up to serve those in need of emergency care.

CitiHope International is an NGO

I know quite well, used to work for and still partner with from time to time for special projects.  When Paul Moore,  , President of CitiHope and my friend for 30 years, called to ask my help during Katrina, I volunteered to take medical supplies to the Gulf Coast and bring separated minors back from the Astrodome to family members in the northeast.  When he called last week to inivte my involvement in CitiHope’s Haiti Relief Mission, I offered to help through WorldHope Corps and Communties of Shalom.


CitiHope’s mission is to procure needed medicine and supplies and take them by plain to Jimani, Dominican Republic, just 8 miles from Haiti.  There’s a hospital there that is already receiving patients from Haiti.

According to Paul Moore, “Le Bon Samaitain is a Christian mission hospital where 30 + docs have arrived, aid workers, etc., with 100’s of new patients arriving by the hour and are being triaged by US military helicopter airlifts. They are “in need of everything” and have run out of triage supplies, meds, etc. There is a 4,000 ft air strip nearby which we’re trying to get Angel flights into, staged out of W. Palm Beach. Plan now is to truck supplies south to Florida, as we get them and confirm they are on the most needed list. We have our DR team ready to roll into Jimani, establish a beachhead, and then as Haiti’s in-country situation opens up, move on in to other devastated areas.”  

WorldHope Corps gave an initial $2,500 toward the need.  We will try to raise more.   At least $50,000 is needed in the next few days to co-sponsor $500,000 worth of needed medicine and medical supplies.

Online donations for the CitiHope medical mission can be made through WorldHope Corps at   Just designate it for Haiti Mission  if you want to support this urgent mission!

For Haiti Relief project Hope Updates, go directly to

Together, let’s do what we can to turn this crisis into an opportunity for good.