An appeal from Valerie for HAPI Community of Shalom.


The din of children in the background nearly drowned out Paul Prevost’s voice, as he explained to me that the 300 children to which HAPI has been providing food for 3 family meals per week has jumped to 500.


Paul told me that they distribute the dry food on one day and then organize the children’s activity days for the next 3 consecutive days rather than every other day because they know the children have food at home and will have energy to play. After the 3 days is done: they wait.


Aid is not reaching the countryside. Aid is not reaching into easily accessible points of PortauPrince. Linda Threadgill, director of Morning Star Christian Academy in Port-au-Prince (my former employer) face-booked:


“WE GOT FOOD YESTERDAY FROM THE MUSLIMS! Got to give some out. More people are eating for another week. Still do not see where all the donations are going! Please do not stop praying. We need all of you!


We still need everyone to write the news networks and demand to know where all the donations are being spent. It is just not being seen in the city. The UN drops off food for the government people of that zone to give out. For every box they give, they sell 10 on the black market. Where is the outrage?”


HAPI is making every effort to connect to the generous aid poured out to major NGOs by compassionate individuals around the world. While there are some links that look promising, right now for the community of Mizak: YOU ARE IT!


Everyone has given generously to HAPI or other Haiti relief efforts. Thank you, thank you! Would you be willing to encircle one family in Mizak immediately with a donation of $10? We started with 250 children and a goal of $2500 per week. We’re at 500. The bar has been raised. Let’s give a lot of ‘hugs.’ Ask your friend. Your neighbor. Let’s push through another week….


Go to and Donate a $10 HUG!