Pastor Baaumu Moses of Uganda and the orphans in his care

Happy New Year, my friend!

One week from today, I will be  in Uganda with my friends and colleagues in ministry, Pastor Baaumu Moses, Br. Julius Kasaija, and Dennis Singini (from Malawi). 

We three (along with a mission group of 7 others from my church and community) will be on a two-week mission to help train over 200 coffee farmers, school teachers, seamstresses, and community workers in Shalom principles of economic community development.

We also will visit Fr. Paul and the St George Hope Health Centre which WorldHope Corps has supported for the past five years. 

Together, we will lend a hand to local projects, conduct two ShalomZone Trainings offer professional consultations, and engage in international friendship and cultural exchange.   We hope to give and to receive in a spirit of mutual ministry and “reverse mission.” (Reverse mission, according to Henri Nouwen, happens when we offer the gifts we have to others and find that we ourselves have gained much more than we tried to give.)

You have contributed to WorldHope Corps in the past, and I am deeply grateful for your generous support!  Indeed, I could not take on these relief and development projects without you. 

If you will continue your support, WorldHope Corps can continue doing in 2014 what we have been doing since 2007 in Uganda, Malawi, and the Dominican Republic–economic community development projects focused on HIV/AIDS testing, training and care; clean water via Village Wells; community orphan care, educational scholarships; and helping poor farmers who grow good, organic, coffee and chocolate find an international market. 

I’ll send you an annual report of our activities and projects at the end of January along with your annual receipt, but in the near term, I hope you will consider making another charitable contribution to WHC for 2013.  (Any online gift or check in the mail that arrives this week will be credited as a tax-deductiable donation for 2013.)

Here’s a link to give online:

And here’s the link to mission updates on my worldHope Corps blog:

Again, thank you for being a friend and supporter of this mission.


Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

P.O. Box 295

Madison, NJ 07940