Sunday in Wilmington, NC

Since it is Spring Break for Megan and Holy Week break from classes for Rebecca and me, we decided to all go ‘shaloming” in Western North Carolina where I need to visit four of our newly trained shalom teams, and check on the production of a well-digging kit and peanut sheller for Malawi. Why not make it a family road trip? So we planned a trip from Wilmington on the East coast to Asheville in Western NC.

First Stop: Wilmington, NC

We flew from Newark to Wilmington where Chappy Valente (a long-time friend who traveled to Malawi with me last year) met us at the airport. Chappy lives and works as a artist (see his “Road to Mzuzu” painting in my October 1, 2008 blog post) and has a deep desire to return to Malawi to develop a well-digging business.

Downtown Wilmington near the River is a gorgeous 19th century American reconstruction period town. And Wrightville Beach is a great place to walk for miles on clean sand, in cool water, under a warm sun, with no crowds. For dinner tonight: delicious sea bass with fresh vegetables.