Fall 2020 Update
Mobilizing Assets for the Common Good


Hope Scholarships
"teach someone to fish"

in Malawi, Uganda, Palestine, or the USA Hope Scholarships provide educational scholarships, community development training as well as technical and relational support.  In one year, Hope Scholarships:

  • funded educational scholarships for 16 youth who otherwise could not complete High School;
  • graduated the third class of 12 young seamstresses in Hope Tailoring School, so that they can become self-sufficient and contribute to their local economy,.
  • conducted numerous "mission-based" training workshops on women's economic empowerment.

Pictured on the right (top to bottom) are:

  • students in the Hope Tailoring School; 
  • students in a Health Education workshop provided in Hope House near Mzuzu.
  • teachers and children in rural pre-school with supplies, books and a new roof funded in part by Hope Scholarships.

Below are students who are college-bound because of Hope Scholarships,

"Hope Scholarships" in 2020 is making on-line courses available to community development leaders who are working to realize community goals through continuing education.

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Leaders of Support for All Foundation, Kampala Uganda


Agness Nyangoma, Katikara Uganda

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Hope Scholarships Supporting On-line Learning During Covid

WorldHope Corps in cooperation with Nowthwind Institute are addressing requests for training from community development leaders in Malawi, Uganda and Palestine. The training is scheduled to begin mid-November 2020.

Currently there are seven students hoping to receive Hope Scholarships.  The training includes an option for enrollment in a three-unit college-level course in Faith-based skills for Asset-Based Community development.

A donation of $350 will cover the costs for tuition and books for this training taught by faculty of Northwind Institute who hold graduate degrees in community development

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Student Profiles
Among Those Seeking Hope Scholarships

Support For All Foundation

Leaders of Support For All Foundation in Kampala, Uganda "Hoping" for On-Line Training in community development as they grow their NGO.

SUPPORT FOR ALL FOUNDATION was established in 2019 by young men from Kampala and Wakiso Districts, Uganda with the aim of creating a platform for young men, adolescent girls and young women, sex workers, People Using Drugs, Orphans and Vulnerable children and fishing communities in Uganda to address their challenges, overcome barriers and promote their rights.

The organization also aims at preventing gender-based violence and abuse, HIV prevention and Education and creating job opportunities.

Support for all Foundation is a Non-Governmental and Non-profit making organization registered as a company limited by guarantee without share capital under the laws of Uganda. This enables individuals and communities to provide support towards target groups development and our projects.

Agness Nyangoma

This is Agness Nyangoma from Uganda. She works in the capital city of Kampala. Agness is from Katikara Uganda, out in the countryside, where her family still lives. Her father is a pastor there and founded a boarding school originally for children who are HIV orphans. It is one of the few schools which also serves children with disabilities and those who cannot pay. Agness handles the bookkeeping and communication for the school. She is WorldHope Corps’ contact for our work with the Katikara Community Boarding School. Agness has a degree in Library Science and dreams of getting her master’s degree and “doing community work”.

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