My Friends: I beg you to remember the poor during this season of sharing. We are in the midst of a global recession that affects not only the USA but the world, and especially developing countries. I left my heart, as you know, in Malawi among the one million AIDS orphans and abandoned and vulnerable children and youth who suffer from food shortages and the ravages of AIDS (not just a dip in their retirement funds).

We are now caring for 80+ orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and youth (OVC) at Mzuzu United Methodist Church–in a wood and thatch sanctuary that holds about 100 people on Sunday and throughout the week.

Please join me in giving thanks for the fact that these kids are still alive and well, thanks to so many of you who continue to send a gift from time to time to WorldHope Corps, Inc. to sponsor a kid or help with the general need. Together, we are feeding 60-90 kids every day, supplying warm blankets during the rainy season, helping with some medical needs, and putting youth without parents or means through secondary school. Some of you have sponsored specific kids with your monthly donations. Others have sent in periodic generous gifts. Perhaps others will consider a year end gift this month, despite the ‘crisis’ in our own economy.

I plan to wire more funds to the church in Mzuzu before Christmas. Let me know if you want me to include your gift as well.

What follows is the most recent Report from Copeland and the Mzuzu United Methodist Church that cares for these kids. He also send some photos. Scroll down for background information on our Malawi Mission work.

Again, I thank you for your interest and support! mjc

November 2008 REPORT

We had Mk 139000.00 devoted to our hope homes and hope scholarship account in November 2008 and we present the subsequent data as our expenditure report.

Food Mk 83100:00

School transport (students) Mk 2200:00

Pens for exams (students) Mk 800:00

Internet Mk 3088:00

Picnic- (OVC) Mk 26000:00

Transport costs Mk 7260:00

Blankets Mk6500.00

Admin costs Mk 15000.00

Sundry costs Mk 4600:00


We witnessed an exciting picnic on 29 November 2008 as the children mingled over snacks and juice for lunch and went out for recreation. This was also blended with bible quiz competition and the girl standing next to the pastor is TAPIWA (11 years old) and she scored the best at the quiz competition. The hope homes group exudes great enthusiasm in the learning the Word of God and we ask you that to keep them in your prayers so that God can engrave his name on their hearts for salvation.

NB: Our picnic expenditure went up because we had an influx of OVC to the picnic as can be seen from picture 047.

Thanks to world hope corps.


P.S. I have inserted 6 pictures showing a heap of corn, picnic meal, best girl in the bible quiz competition, etc. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide for our OVC Christmas events.