Mike Bond of Basking Ridge, NJ. showing Hope Home children in Mzuzu their imags during WorldHope Corps Mission Trip to Malawi in May 2009.

Hope Home Report

We are now caring for over 100 OVC even though only 60 children are registered in the program.  Food provisions were spread over the months since you had graciously warned me to prepare for a hard dry patch.  We, however, made efforts to raise an addtional $158 to suppliment your efforts among us, and we still were able to have three church picnics.

The goal of Hope Hope Program is to help Orphan and Vulnerable Children and Youth survive and realize at least 5 hopes of every child for:






Hope Home Children receive new clothes made by women 

enrolled in Hope Tailoring School which started this year.

Hope Scholarship Report:

All our children and youth year for aid toward school fees, though it will not be easy for us to provide for everyone at once.  We hope to continue supporting 19 students next year, as we did this year.

The Hope Scholarship Program is a noble gateway to

  • Higher learning
  • Good employment
  • Leadership development
  • Encountering God and walking in His company

Hope Tailoring School:

The 9 women in the program have made very attractive progress.  The skirts they are holding in the photo is the third round of skirt making.  Their skills are increasingly getting better at every hairpin turn.  They have grasped the opportunity with soncsuming enthusiasm ready to make the best of it.  Next on the list is making blouses and shirts so that evenutally they are able to sew complete outfits.

Hope Tailoring Program is a good tool to

  • Relieve their broken hopes of illiterate women
  • revitalize and empower the lives of young women
  • Energize them to generate some income 
  • Empower them for productive social and spiritual life
  • Support the Hope Home food program

The challenges of the Hope Tailoring School are as follows:

1. Need for industrial quality sewing machines.  We are forced to make due with 3 inadequate machines for ann incresing number of students.   The type of sewing machines we need are particularly good and unique. They are both manual and electric Singer machines available only in Blantyre–Malawi’s commercial and industrial city where we have a major sewing industry in the South.   They are not available here in the North.  They are so durable and best suited to our vision to train hundreds of women including those in rural areas. They are the kind of machines that can be used with or without electricity.  They are so durable that there is very little danger of regular repairs as long as they are properly checked on a regular business. Hence the high cost.  Approximately US $500 each.

2.  Suitable fabric for skirts and blouses is very costly and hard for the school to supply.  We need about US $750 for the next few months.   However, we managed to raise US $285 from the local church to pay for buttons, zippers, pins, stiffeners, elastic, oil, needles and binding. 

3.  Instructor’s allowances is very exepensive.  We pray that you may assist us in finding US $1.000 to pay for the instruction between now and May.

Our Annual Budget (and Need) for  Hope Scholorships and Tailoring School for 2010  is as follows:

School Fees for 19 students:    $9,400

Tailoring School for 9 women    6,750

Transport                                     500

Local admin costs                         300

TOTAL:                         US $16,950