Already over $500,000 of medicine, supplies, equipment and fresh water have been delivered or are on its way to Haitian earthquake victims. Three more Pilatus flights will occur over the weekend, bringing desperately needed aid to our friends at Jimani Hospital.

CitiHope’s disaster response team is working on procuring an X-ray machine to deliver this weekend, as well as enough food, dishes and utensils to feed Jimani’s 800 patients for the coming two weeks.

Morphine is urgently needed for the amputations taking place, as is hospital bedding. Paul II will be briefing the CHI team and partners tomorrow with more detailed lists of needs.

This ‘hosptial of record’ with a normal 23-bed capacity is making a heroic effort and we want to support them as best as we possibly can.

CitiHope is still receiving requests from other sites in Haiti needing medicine, supplies and food, which Paul II will evaluate in the coming days to identify where we can best bring hope & healing.