Who can fail to appreciate that God has given us steady progress over the hope scholarship house when one ses this picture?

I love the pillars as part of the front elevation
Here’s the back of the house as it nears completion

And here’s the side elevation with one of the workers, and a smaller second house at the back.

One of the recipients of a Hope Scholarship

Next week you will see the reserve water tank fixed 6metres high. But we need more money for the final touches such as ceiling, electricity.

Plumbing is almost done as the house has water already flowing and will be completed within 3weeks from now.

I thank God for using you to help us achieve this excellent dream.

I hope that as soon as we finish building the house, God will give us good tenants so we can begin the harvest for the school fees to sustain the Hope Scholarship Program.

We still need sponsors to complete this two-year project.  info@worldhope.org