Hopegivers International is one of CitiHope’s major ministry partners and sponsors of the missionin Malawi. Last year they helped us deliver emergency food to 10,000 people and start the first HopeHome. This year, they hope to do more.

Earlier this week a 22-member delegation of Hopegivers departed for Malawi for a 10-day mission trip to assist CitiHope in carrying out its food distribution and medical aid programs in Mzuzu and Livingstonia. Facilitated by WorldHope Corps, the mission team is sponsored by Hopegivers International and Osborne Baptist Church in NC as part of their on-going support of the CitiHope Malawi mission to orphans and abandoned children at risk for AIDS.

Paul Moore, II, Senior Vice President of CitiHope International, is leading the team in their various ministry assignments, and is filing daily email reports from the field. Here’s his first:

Emails from the Field:

Greetings from our wonderful mission center here in downtown Mzuzu. Wow, how different the rainy season is in January than the dry of September. Everything is so green and lush, it’s like being in a different country. People seem generally more optimistic when things are growing. Still sad to see the little boys selling roasted mice along the road.

The Mission Team from North Carolina and VA are a good hearted, patient and motivated group. All things considered – with 22 people and all the logistics that goes with that – our first day was great. Gabriel and Dennis were at the airport to greet us with colorful lays and had everything set up to receive us.

The last of our sea containers of food products came in yesterday, so things are running smoothly. We will be doing a day of food distribution later in the week which should be very fun for the whole team.

Tomorrow we start the day with breakfast here at the compound, orientation, and then the four teams hit the road for our various assignments. We have our PACCT committee meeting on Monday to plan the next training event

I am doing well and will keep you updated daily.

Paul II