I want to share with you WorldHope Corps’ most recent project in Africa: A new health clinic in Uganda, called St. George Hope Health Centre. The building is under construction, and we have made a $10,000 commitment to get the roof before the rains come. Please help us if you can. Here’s the project profile compiled by Tom Dilts–the initial donor who brought this project to our attention:

WorldHope Corps Uganda Medical Clinic Project 2009

Mission Profile
Name of Organization: SARS
Sustainable Action for Rural Sector
Kibaale District
P.O Box 313, Hoima – Uganda
Telephone: +256 782 462 201, +256 392 949 257
E-mail: sarsuganda@gmail.com

Physical Address:
Igayaza Trading Centre
Kakindo Sub-county – Kibaale District.
Mid Western Uganda

Focus: On poverty eradication and sustainable development, education and health status enhancement in the rural areas of Kibaale district of Uganda. SARS Programs since 2007 include: (1) Education – sponsoring vulnerable children in school and providing school books and materials needed by children; (2) Sustainable Livelihood – piglets, birds (chicken), seedlings and extension work and training women and farmers; youth development activities; eight youth groups and six women’s groups have been mobilized and equipped with skills in saving and credit; conducted community trainings and awareness campaigns in human rights and anti-corruption activities. and (3) commence construction of the St. George Hope Health Centre Project.

Name of Sponsored Project/Program: St. George Hope Health Centre

Current Project Description: Support of St. George Hope Health Centre

Urgent Request: $8,000 needed to construct the roof of the Health Clinic before the rains come in March, April and May. The home made bricks are not like manufactured bricks, will face deterioration.

“Empowered and Developed Community for a Descent life”

Serving and improving the conditions of the disadvantaged people in rural communities in order to foster economic and social transformation for authentic development

The health centre is located in Igayaza A LCI Kakindo sub-county Kibaale District.
St. George Hope Health Centre:
The facility is designed in the modern artwork, and shall be graded on level III in Uganda upon completion.

The health facility will have the following when completed:
 An out patient block with nine rooms namely; waiting, dispensing, dental, injection, laboratory, two consultation, records, accounts with two corridors
 One block with a male and children’s ward of eight beds each.
 Maternity block with eight beds as a general women’s ward and labor ward of four beds.
 Administration block with a store, cold room, counseling room, mother examination room and a general common room.
 There are well planned toilets and latrines plus birth room.

This is planned phase one of the health facility. Phase two will include among others staff quarters, furnishing, and equipping.

Why the St. George Hope Health Centre is Needed:

The health facility will be important to the community in many ways thus offering the different services but not limited to the following:
1. Reproductive Health and family planning services
2. Maternity and gynecology services
3. Nutrition and domestic hygiene education
4. HIV / AIDS sensitization, counseling, prevention and treatment
5. Vaccination / Immunization
6. Treatment of other traditional disease cases
7. Primary Health care education and sanitation.
8. Supplement government effort, so far, in the provision of health and medical services.
9. Eventually develop the health centre into a hospital with on site and outreach services.
10. Train volunteer service providers from the community itself.

The People Who Live in the Area:

The Area is composed of two main groups of people: Bantu and Nilotics. Other groups include refugees from Sudan, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The people are basically peasant farmers (subsistence farming, from hand to mouth) with a relatively low income. The people’s economic performance is unexplainable where the main economic activity is subsistence farming coupled with poor farming skills, tools and limited market for the locally produced goods.

Uganda: The Context of the Project

Uganda lies on the equator in the heart of East Africa. It is bordered by Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east, Tanzania and Rwanda to the South and Zaire to the west. It covers and area of 241,000sq. Km, some 17% of which is open water. Most of the land forms a high plateau at 900-1500 meters. To the eastern and western borders the land rises to over 2,000 meters forming the shoulders of Rift Valley systems.

Kibaale district (vicariate) is situated in the Mid Western Uganda 285 Km north west of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. The district borders with Hoima District in the north. Mubende in the south and the democratic republic of Congo in the west, where they are united by Lake Albert as natural bordering.

The Needs of the People:

The diocese has many problems and the most prevalent ones include; limited knowledge on human and social rights, poor Health, sanitation and hygiene illiteracy, chronic poverty, these coupled with national and regional development obstacles such as corruption, civil wars with in Uganda and out side the country, climate changes have worsen the Christians’ way of life. Also, illiteracy, poor health services, marginalization are instrumental set backs to the wellbeing of the Christian communities in the Vicariate and the entire Diocese as a whole. According to current report indicate that the diocese has 45% illiterates, with 76% early marriages and 41% of school dropout.

Principal Contacts:

Fr. Paul Bigirwa, currently serving in Mugalike Catholic parish as a parish priest in Kibaale Vicariate (Kibaale District), Hoima Catholic Diocese.

Julius Kasaija jkasaija@gmail.com Chairperson of SARS is dedicated and fully planning, monitoring and implementing the organization’s activities on a full time basis, home parish is Magoma catholic parish.]

Initial Funder/Sponsor Tom Dilts tdilts@optonline.net

Previous Project Funding:

Tom Dilts donation of US$2,000 and approximately Euro €5,000 generously donated from the Christian community in two parishes in Sicily Italy, has enabled the substructure and the brick walls to be erected. The next need is the ROOF before the rains come.

WorldHope Corps 2009 Commitment:

$10,000 commitment to future international support through WorldHope Corps in 2009:

To support this project, please send donations–designated to “Uganda Mission”–in
care of Dr. Michael Christensen to:

WorldHope Corps, Inc.
11 Ardsleigh Drive
Madison, NJ. 07940