It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day…”

Communities of Shalom Uganda graduation sponsored by WorldHope Corps 2016

Happy New Year to all my WorldHope Corps friends!

I hope you’re not working on New Year’s Day and that you will relax and have some fun!

I wanted to share this post of appreciation at the beginning of this new and beautiful day. 

Most of all, I just want to tell you how much I
appreciate you: your gifts and graces, love and support, long-time friendship,
and good work in behalf of WorldHope Corps in 2017.

Just two months ago, the cupboards were bare; we had
accounts payable and unfunded projects. You responded to the need, made donations and spread the
word. Today, all our debts are paid, last year’s projects paid for, and we’re whole again!  And most (though not all) of our projects are
funded for 2018!

Our Water Store in Uganda is back in business, pumping
out clean, filtered water for over 5,000 people, and its funded for 2018. 
 We have another village well to
drill in Malawi—-#66!  The Shalom Farmers in Uganda are praying for a good harvest this Spring,
free of draught and infestation. Our Mosquito Net distribution fund has $3,000
for more nets. And Dennis Singini’s salary (as Program Director of WorldHope Corps
Malawi) is secure for 2018!

We still need to
raise more funds for Mosquito Nets ($7k), Hope Scholarships ($3k), Women’s
Empowerment/HIV/AIDS training in Malawi($6k); as well as a second round of community development
training for Bethany Nursery School in Palestine ($3k).  And I believe we shall.

Here’s the link to our Mission Giving Catalog for 2018 to
review and share with others:

Take a look and see if there is another project that
warms your heart that you might want to sponsor at some point in the New Year. 

And be sure to keep on singing….

Have a happy and blessed New Year, my


P.S.  Please take a
fresh look at my other blog posts in 2017 to see all the good we have done together
this past year.  And be sure to subscribe
to this blog for new post alerts.  

Dr. Michael J. Christensen, Director

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

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“Most of the people who have ever lived on this
planet have been oppressed and poor.  

their history was seldom written except in the Bible.” –Richard Rohr

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