Team Health Report: Chappy today has fallen sick with dizziness, nausea and bodily weakness. All week he has been guardian of our food supply, market shopper for adequate greens, and gourmet advisor to our house cook. Now all he wants to do is lay down or sit and get through it. Five out of seven of us have had bouts or been on the edge of minor sickness, but spirits remain high and focused on the mission.

After returning from the remote villages where the CitiHope Village Wells program is underway, we enjoyed our last day in Mzuzu and prepared to leave to Lilongwe. Time for one last walk through the central market and the filling station hub across the street and around the corner from CitiHope’s Mission Center.

And finally, some down time under the thatch hut in the backyard.

Gabriel, Dennis, Chewana, and Taxon have hosted us with grace and enthusiasm, and we all are grateful for the incredible hospitality extended to us.